Open Adoption

Maintain Contact with Your Child & Adoptive Parents

Open Adoptions in Oklahoma City

Open Adoption Benefits You: The Birth Mom

Building a close and open relationship between the birth family and the adopting family can be extremely helpful in coping with the emotional challenges that are associated with adoption.

You will know that your child is well taken care of – and that you made the right choice.

Open Adoption Benefits to the Adopted Child

It is natural for adoptees to have questions about their genetic family and background. An open adoption makes these details available to the adoptee.

Open Adoption Benefits to the Adoptive Family

The adoptive family has full access to the health history of the adoptive child’s extended family should any health questions or concerns arise.

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I was named a Top 10 Family Law Attorney and I will protect your rights and provide you legal representation. We will take care of adoption related medical bills. We provide you with the support and assistance that you need.

While it may be hard for you to imagine right now, I see every day how adoption can be an amazingly positive experience for all who are involved.

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